School of Overseas Education

Wuyi University was approved to recruit overseas students by Fujian Provincial Education Department in July 2011 and established Overseas Education College in May 2012. Currently, there are overseas students coming from the United States, Russia, Ukraine, India, Vietnam, Laos, Zambia, Pakistan, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and Bangladesh doing long-term or short-term learning or communication in the Overseas Education College.

    The Overseas Education College is not only the Fujian provincial overseas Chinese education base and the promotion center for Chinese traditional culture experiencing but also one of the Chinese Government Scholarship students receiving institutions. According to the different types of learning requires, the Overseas Education College opens many systemic and scientific courses, which are mainly divided into two categories: basic courses and elective courses. The basic courses have Elementary Chinese Intensive Reading, Elementary Chinese Extensive Reading, Elementary Chinese Listening, Elementary Oral Chinese and Elementary Chinese Reading and Writing. Elective courses have Chinese Culture, Chinese Film Appreciation, HSK Counseling, Tai chi and Tea Art. Students can choose their own courses according to their needs and language level.

    The Overseas Education College also provides excellent educational resources and conditions to the overseas students. We successfully hosted the third zone of 2012-2013 "China Exploration—games of sunshine sports and culture tour for overseas students" and were praised by all walks of life. The team of WYU ranked the second in this competition and participated in the finals in Qingdao representing Fujian, Guangdong, Hainan and Jiangxi provinces. At the finals, we achieved the "Best Organization Award" and "Excellent Group Award".

    Overseas Education College is young, but its good teaching conditions and various colorful courses, as well as our beautiful campus scenery have attracted many foreign students to come here, which has laid a solid foundation for our future growth and development. We look forward to a more brilliant future of our Overseas Education College.